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How to find the best summer camp for your child's development?

Why are summer camps important: So what are summer camps and why are they really important? Summer Camp are non-accredited academic programs for the summer Normal programs are k-12th grade. Types of summer camps include performing arts, Music, Magic, Computer programming, technology, mathematics, special needs, weight loss, and camping. There are day camps meaning students don't sleep over night, and over night meaning you sleep at the camp and don't go home until the duration of the camp is complete. Summer camps are important because they play a big role in student development as they grow into an adult.

What makes a good summer camp: To be honest everything we do for our kids is to give them the advantage of being most successful as an adult. Success to me is continuously completing goals. When students attend summer camps parents should ask what skills will my child learn and will this help my student as an adult to be above average in the workplace. Just like parents that want their kids to go to the best school they should also look for the best quality summer camps bringing their child quality education that is relevant for where they are going in their professional careers.

How to determine the quality of the summer camp: When looking at a summer camp you have to think can my child use this as an adult or is this just throwing money down the drain? Is this camp physical(do you want to risk your child's life in the midst of the pandemic) or is it an online camp where my child can be in the comfort of their own home and parents can monitor their students? Is the camp innovative enough to spark creativity in the student? How long is the camp and what is the duration of hours (you don't want the camp to be long but you want the camp long enough to hold their attention. What is the price (the price should match the value. If the student is getting skills that will help them as an adult and get them the job they want or the promotion when employed then think of it as an investment)? Who is teaching my student (When choosing a summer camp make sure the adults are certified in the area of expertise with real world experience)? What is being taught is a very important topic because it can be the deciding factor for success in your child's career. A certificate of completion should be given to your students to show completion for a commitment to an investment into their careers. The last question you should think about is do they have follow up courses to keep your child engaged and what will those courses look like and what skills will it bring your child?

Important final thoughts from an expert: Students need summer camps to help them develop as young adults and help them excel at their professional careers. As we enter the digital age of information technology courses and technology summer camps must be a priority. Students must learn how to be engineers of technology and not just consumers. Parents must get students into the best summer camp that will give them the ultimate edge over all other kids(everyone is thinking it but no one says it). No matter the money, time or commitment. Right now that is technology. Access to technology careers have a low bar entry and high reward for pay. Technology careers starting with computer coding students can start off their careers at 60,000-80,000 yr with just a certification and basic training without college. In order to be successful you must plan and prepare for what is coming and that is technology. Technology will touch every career field in the future. Students will be forced to learn it as doctors, lawyers, firemen, police, janitors, sanitation workers, and CEO’s. Choose now and choose fast because your family's life depends on it. The visionaries that invested and taught their kids about the internet were laughed at now they are the ones laughing to the bank.

We have noticed students that don't go to summer camps are less well rounded, can end up being socially awkward, may not understand social norms, less critical thinking skills, and are unable to think analytically.

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