• Paul Day

Digital Legacy and why it's important

Legacy is important because it is how your kids and your grand kids will remember you. Your legacy will be your story to your family. Most legacies are remembered by stories or what you physically pass down to your children ie. land, money, properties, Wealth (an abundance of something), and other assets. There will be two kinds of people that relate to this post, those that know who and what their grandparents left behind or those that now have children and they have no idea who their grandparents were and it's not important to them. Legacy shows the ugly truth about what gifts you did or didn't bring to the world and did you actually bless others with it.

As we continue in the age of information where we are still going through a digital revolution you should ask your self "self, are you taking advantage of the tools that will transform the future of the world" or do you think it's all about you and since you made it this far without learning tech you figured it's not that important to you or your kids (as they show you how to text and what is social media). Innovation is the future. Technology will touch every career field making any person obsolete that isn't prepared and cannot adapt. You should learn technology for your kids! When you think about yourself and not your legacy or what you are leaving behind all of your information and gifts that you were born with will die with you making every generation after you start over. People are online making millions and living a remote work life as the pandemic reminds us of the importance of a simple video chat.


Students now are going to boot camps and getting certifications making $60,000-$120,000 a year. Students are doing this without debt and a 4-year degree! If they want a 4-year degree they should have their employer pay for the degree after they start their careers so they can be debt-free. Parents can start by looking at where they work and see what new technologies are being used to do their job. Those technologies will include Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain. The pandemic has been a catalyst for the digital revolution. If you see where the world is going and want your child 8-12th grade to learn about these innovative technologies of the future and do it online click here Innovate Tech Charlotte

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