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3 Ways To Get A Tech Job Without Experience!

I believe anyone can get a basic tech job and do it without experience! yes, even your kids. I have friends that always ask me how to get into a tech career field. Did you know, the basic tech jobs in the US start anywhere from $17-$30 an hour for stuff you can learn to do at your house. For example, turning the computer on or off when the computer glitches or plugging the keyboard and mouse into the computer so someone can use it. I know you thinking people get paid for that? Yes, and it is as simple as that to start picking up some extra money. the best part is you don't have to go back to college and get a degree and deal with 25-30 years of debt! So I'm going to give you 3 easy hacks on how anyone even I got started, that still works today.

Tip #1

Recruiter: Head Hunter also called Executive Recruiters or Recruiter, their purpose is to get you a job. Recruiters get a small portion of the money you get paid from the hiring company, so recruiters are always eager to help. Recruiters will help you with entry level positions or if you have the experience(even helping your friends or family with their computers) you can get a higher paying position quickly. Recruiters will help you get a position depending on your resume. Most positions are contract to hire(If you show up on time, do the job and the employer likes you the employer will hire you full time normally after 6-12 months with an increase in employee pay and benefits). Once you get some experience employers will want you to stay at their company and they are known to increase your bonuses even if you stay a contractor(Yes, most tech jobs get bonuses even as contractors) and pay to keep you at their company because the demand for tech talent is very high and it is expensive to train new talent. I know some of you are saying "If I don't have experience with all of the requirements of the job why would they hire me? MY SECRET: If you can do the core job, be friendly and genuine in the interview(because people hire people they like) they will hire you and "TRAIN YOU TO DO THE JOB". Here are a few recruiters that I know of: (IT Connect is "A full-service staffing firm, Over 40 years of combined experience in the IT staffing industry allows IT Connect to assist with the critical hiring needs of any organization.") (Incluzion is a community of Black & Latinx professionals working remotely & flexibly. Incluzion connects companies with diverse, full-time remote and part-time freelance talent.) (Associate Staffing LLC has been Placed on Staffing Industry Analysts’ Fastest Growing Staffing Firms list multiple years) (Vaco’s recruiters and consultants are senior-level subject matter experts, ready to deliver a precision talent fit with top-notch employment consulting, strategic staffing, managed project services and permanent placement solutions.) (Robert Half Desktop support and help desk analysts, applications architects, network administrators and much more)

Tip #2

Volunteer for experience and get paid: Go and volunteer for a few months for a nonprofit and help them with their computers. Start with a nonprofit that people may not be familiar with then go to a larger more known nonprofit such as United Way, Feeding America, YMCA of the USA, Salvation Army, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Habitat for Humanity International, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Goodwill Industries International, Samaritan's Purse, American Heart Association. Non profits are always looking for help especially if your willing to learn!

Tip #3

Library: Go to your local library, I know you're probably saying "why would I do that". The local library is one of the greatest untapped resources that Americans have and don't use. They say "librarians are the original search engines". tech-savvy public libraries are now starting to pop up. Libraries now have new classes and content for people looking for work. Don't believe me listen to this..."more than 30 million people a year use library resources to increase their skills and find new positions" according to the ALA (American Library Association). The best part of going to a library is the free help that your tax dollars are already paying for. The library will give you access to computers, online resources, books, job search information, help from highly educated librarians, resume writing, assistance completing job applications, technology training to increase qualifications, workshops, Business Center Services, Networking, socializing, job search help and they have partnerships that you can leverage with the local community colleges, economic leaders, and chambers of commerce. Libraries resources are online as well once you get a library card. The New York Times wrote an amazing article on the resurgence of libraries and their new found innovation

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