Learn STEM in High School while getting access to Certifications, Internships, & Technology.

Founded in 2017

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Learn. Innovate. Build a future in technology

We prepare high school students for a career in technology without a college degree.

01 / About Us

Innovate Tech Charlotte is a non-profit after school and Summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education program for High School Students 9-12th grade. We educate students on emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, and python Coding. We are the first in the world to do this. The students that go through our program have a chance to obtain certifications and internships. We give our students the option of college or going into a technology career after the completion of high school. Innovate Tech Charlotte is like college except without 25-30 years of debt. Our educational process is now patent-pending along with our trademarks slogan "Technology of Tomorrow Starts Today"

02 / Our Annual Goal
  1. At least 80% will get a job after their high school graduation

  2. At least 90% will get nationally certified (Each student will have 4 years to get at least 4 certifications)

  3. 100% will complete the program and get a certificate of completion

  4. At Least 100% will be college-ready

  5. At least 1% will start a technology business



Our program will engage with A, B, and C+ high school students at a minimum in every country and state starting within the United States of America, focusing on Charlotte, NC as our home base of operations and ground zero for our platform. Each year 10 percent of our seats will be donated to less fortunate students. Our program is currently online



Our Story, Vision & Why


To open up the world of technology to high school students creating economic opportunities by providing technology certifications and leadership skills in Charlotte, NC and beyond.


Our vision is to "Create a world of Innovation where ideas become reality"



In the year 2017 Amazon was looking for a city for their second headquarters and they decided Charlotte, NC did not have the technology talent. Our founder Paul Day wanted to find a solution to this challenge. Paul wanted to teach high school students technology and leadership skills that companies pay large salaries for and this would increase their economic class. This is when ITC was born, we introduce each student to certifications, technology projects, apprenticeships, leadership training, and entrepreneurship. Each student learns technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.Students have the option to bypass college and get employed right out of high school earning at least $60,000 a year


Our Why: "To propel students forward with technology, so they have the tools to create innovative solutions for their future"



Paul Day




The technology behind cryptocurrency (digital currency)

Artificial Intelligence

Technology that learns and adapts from past statistical data

Internet of Things

Connected digital devices that communicate with each other

Quantum Computing

New computers that can help us figure out difficult medical and economic problems to save lives and end hunger


Students learn transformational skills to eliminate distractions to excel as leaders

Project I.We.For.Us


NYC Skyline BW

ITC Summer Camp

Our Virtual Summer Camp is One Week (Mon-Sat) of:

Blockchain: The technology behind cryptocurrency (digital currency)

Artificial Intelligence: Technology that learns and adapts from past statistical data

Internet of Things: Connected digital devices that communicate with each other

Computer Coding: Language used to give the computer instructions

Quantum Computing: New computers that can help us figure out difficult medical and economic problems to save lives and end hunger

Leadership Training: Students learn transformational skills to eliminate distractions to excel as leaders

Year 2021 Virtual: Monday - Friday (Week 1 June 14th-18th, Week 2 June 21st-25th, Week 3 July 26th-30th)


Paul Day,


Paul Day is a U.S. Air Force Military Veteran that holds a Top-Secret Government Clearance with multiple degrees in computer science, cybersecurity, and investigations. Paul also has Multiple Certifications in Blockchain, AI, and IoT and works with Governments, Corporations, and Schools.

Paul has done Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking for the top Fortune 500 companies in the world and is now the CEO/Founder of a non-profit called Innovate Tech Charlotte. Innovate Tech Charlotte is the most innovative STEM education program in the world teaching emerging technologies to High School students while helping students get employed after high school without the need for a college degree in computer science. Innovate Tech Charlotte is like college except without leaving students in 30 years of debt.


Paul is a technology visionary and speaker who is considered one of the greatest technology communicators in the world professing that his purpose is to serve humanity.


Paul’s warm smile, obsession for technology and his passion for greatness makes him unforgettable, amazing and unique

Shawn Garrett.,

Executive Attorney

Shawn Garrett is an Attorney in Charlotte focusing on varying aspects of business and real estate law. Shawn attended the University of Illinois, Springfield where he obtained his undergraduate degrees in business administration and management. Shawn went on to obtain his juris doctor from Northern Illinois University's College of Law. Throughout his career, two things have remained constant in Shawn’s life; his devotion to his job and people. Shawn is consistently seen as a team player and contributes greatly to the teams that he joins. Shawn has served many non-profits in both legal and business focused roles. Shawn served on the board of the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center in Batavia, Illinois, he served as the Committee Chair of the St. Charles, IL Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Committee and served as a volunteer attorney for Administer Justice.

Krystian D.,

Executive Secretary

Krystian Dennis is a Data Scientist looking to help future-proof businesses through deriving heart-level insights of their customer base and data-driven decision making. With a background in hospitality management and customer service, Krystian has managed leading 5-star hotels and top-rated spas in New York City. She has also led customer service teams at American Express and Amazon.

Krystian believes in ‘teaching a man to fish’ and volunteers as a homework help tutor for elementary children and with a non-profit organization that teaches survivors of sex trafficking job and life skills.

Krystian holds a Master of Science in International Hotel Management from the University of Surrey, a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cornell University and proudly completed a certificate in Data Science with the Flatiron School.

Ron M.,

Digital Transformation

Mr. Meeting is the Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer at CyberTech Services, Inc. He has over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, information security, and data protection. He has held positions as the Global Chief Information Security Officer for a financial services company for five years and 11 years supporting the US Secret Service, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Army Research Laboratory, and Defense Information Systems Agency on a variety of cybersecurity and threat intelligence initiatives. He has a Master’s in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and IT from Appalachian State University. He holds the following industry certifications, Certified CISO, Certified Information Security Manager, Certified Ethical Hacker, and Certified Network Defense Architect. Lastly, he serves as a member of the following associations: FBI’s InfraGard, Society of Information Management (SIM), Evanta CISO Community and Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF).

Lora C,


Lora Chuong is a Director who works with accounting teams evaluating performance metrics, identifying procedures requiring improvements, and implementing additional accounting controls.  After spending approximately twenty years in the accounting field, Lora believes and pushes for the importance of this role - as team members and systems evolve, so does the need for processes to evolve, which ultimately increases productivity and efficiencies for organizations.   

Lora is honored to be the first Asian-American woman to land a seat in her company’s Women’s Network steering committee, that is committed to building and maintaining a diverse, supportive, and team-driven environment where women can strengthen their professional development and contributions.

Lora holds a BS in Accounting from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.


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Tel: 704.412.9123

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